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Scale Vintage 1960 Pelouze 10 lb. x 1 oz. Model Y-10 Postage Postal Shipping Platform Scale .epsteam


Nice heavy postal scale made in the USA. Could be used for measuring food too as it measures in ounces all the way up to 10 pounds. Pelouze
Model Y-10
Capacity 10 lb. x 1 oz.
Dates Feb. 1, 1960
Made in Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A.
Platform Postal Scale
Measures approximately 8.75" tall x 6.50" wide x 6.50" deep
Weighs perfectly to the ounce; tested many times to be accurate
Rates are outdated
Housing and platform are brown metal
Aluminum frame has a few small dents (see 2nd and 4th photos for details)
Adjuster knob works
Heavy-duty plastic face is clearly readable

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