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Retro Polaroid Chrome SX-70 Model 2 Land Camera With Rare Light Kit.Not Tested epsteam


This camera is in good condition. It opens and closes easily. The focusing screen and lens are clear and clean. There are no cracks on the mirror and the bellows appear hole free.The rollers work as they should. The leather panels are in fair condition. The camera has not been tested.You can get your film here

Product Information
The Polaroid SX-70 film camera produces instant pictures, processing the images in a few minutes. Click pictures with the self-timer of this Polaroid Film Camera. Having an f/8 aperture, this SLR film camera provides bright pictures. Allowing you to alter the focus manually at 10.4 inches from the subject, this Polaroid Film Camera clicks beautiful pictures even when standing close to the object. With the shutter speed ranging from 1/175s to more than 10 seconds, this SLR film camera catches the subject in action, eliminating the blur. The Polaroid SX-70 camera is capable of converting a 1.5x picture to 174mm.

Product Identifiers
Brand Polaroid
Model SX-70
UPC 074100176255, 074100187886

Key Features
Camera Type Instant

Minimum Aperture f22
Maximum Aperture f8

Miscellaneous film (available at:
Additional Features Auto Exposure

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